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This 30-minute hypnosis is perfect for those who want to rid sugar from their diet.

Friends, I’m Adam Dince, Certified Hypnotist. I created this meditation using hypnotic induction and deepener techniques that use powerful visualizations and suggestions to bring you into a deeply relaxed state. Once in the relaxed state, I provide powerful suggestions that will help you control your desire for both sugar and sugary food and drink. Additionally, you’ll find relaxing music throughout the entirety of this recording.

The hypnosis track is only $5.00. That’s basically the price of a Frappuccino (which you won’t want to drink anymore anyway).

Listen to this hypnosis for seven days straight. You may also listen to it any time you’re feeling the urge to consume something sugary.

Simply download this file to your device of choice and listen as you please.

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Notes: Hypnosis is not a substitute for traditional medical care. This hypnosis will work as well as your subconscious allows it to.