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Meet Reiki Master, Adam Dince

For most of my life, I’ve been in pursuit of finding my true purpose. Like many of you, I’ve asked myself questions like, “Why am I here?” Some of us are born with a strong knowing of what our purpose is. Others, like me, sort of improvise our way through—keeping open to the flow of life and following it where it leads. And what I’ve learned over the past few years is that when we’re open to the flow of life, we also open to the possibility of our true purpose finding us.

After completing my service in the United States Navy, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from San Diego State University and fell into a career in digital/internet marketing. Advertising life has provided me many incredible opportunities to travel, live in a variety of places across the US, and build a strong network of friends and colleagues. After earning an MBA from St. Catherine University, opportunities opened to take on adjunct professor roles at universities in the Midwest (e.g., The University of St. Thomas, UW Milwaukee, and UW River Falls).

However, while my advertising and academic teaching careers were exciting adventures—I still yearned to find my higher-purpose.

The Journey of Becoming

In 2005, I lost my dad in a tragic car accident. After my dad’s passing, I lost a few other souls that were core to my being. For years I struggled with unbearable grief, loss, and pain. At the same time, unbeknownst to me, God/Source/Spirit was using these losses to open me up to a spiritual awakening powerful enough to change my whole way of life. It started shortly after my dad passed when I spoke with a medium who was able to connect with my dad on the other side. Fast forward to 2018.

In early 2018, I had the opportunity to meet world-renown intuitive, Echo Bodine. During our conversation, Echo said, “Adam, do you know that you have the ability to heal people? Meaning, you can lay your hands on others and heal them.” While I have the utmost respect for Echo’s abilities, I didn’t believe her and let the comment go. I mean, really, how could I possibly be a healer? I help people get their websites to rank on Google.

Over the following months, I met a few other intuitives who shared the same spiritual insight about my ability to heal. One went so far as to admonish me for not trusting in the ability which turned out to be just the kick in the pants I needed.

These divine spiritual messages sparked a flame in my soul that inspired me to explore my spirituality at a deeper level—so I began to meditate on a daily basis and immediately fell in love with it. After a few weeks of deep meditative practice, I found myself healed from the old wounds of loss I’d suffered from the passing of my father and other loved ones I’d lost. I was and still am in awe and humbled by how quickly Spirit healed me.

As I got deeper into regular meditation practice, I began studying Chakras and how our physical and energetic bodies are affected by our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. And the more I read and studied, the more I realized that healing was my soul’s purpose. Of course, it wasn’t just the studying that fueled the fire. Through being healed of the pain and loss that became the narrative of my life day-to-day life for so many years, many of my unhealthy addictions also healed. I was a witness, first-hand, to the power of energy healing.

After being healed through meditation and the Ki in my body, the Universe introduced me to an extremely gifted intuitive Reiki Master Teacher who also affirmed my ability to heal and invited me to study the beautiful art of Reiki with her. That being said, the rest is history. It’s often said that when you’re not looking for love, you find it. This happened with my purpose in life. When I stopped looking for it–it found me.

In fact, through mentorship with my Reiki Master, I was shown that I’d been healing people my entire life. Not through hands-on healing, but in other ways. It’s kind of mindblowing to realize that you’ve been living your purpose without being aware of it. Since then, I’ve learned a variety of other healing modalities that I use depending on client needs.

I know that my story isn’t common in the energy healing world. But it’s authentic. And it’s real. And I couldn’t be more honored and blessed to be able to help others heal as I’ve been healed myself.

I look forward to working with you.

Adam, Owner & Healer, Sacred Stairways