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Virtual life between lives regressions are available via Zoom and phone.

What is a life between lives regression?

We are souls that live within a human body. When our physical body dies, our soul takes a break on the other side before reincarnating to continue on its journey of learning and growing. During this time on the other side, the between-lives state, we return to where we came from (home) and restore ourselves until we’re ready to incarnate into another life.

Each of us have many between lives experiences and are all unique to us. Thus, what you experience in your between lives session will be unique to you. Some people experience seeing their life plans and soul contracts. In other words, they witness their souls:

  • Choosing its path for its next incarnation
  • Picking who their parents and family will be
  • Choosing which souls (soul family) will join them on the journey
  • Selecting what planet or dimension the incarnation will take place on
  • And much more

Some people experience their life review.

The life review is a period right after Spirit transitions, it’s a period of rest where you are shown all of the good that you’ve done in the world.

You are also shown the good you have done from the perspective of others, meaning you get to see your ripple effect on the Universe as other Divine Beings normally do.

During the life review, the Spirit gains perspective on their previous earth experience so they can grow as a soul and transition to their next lifetime.

With all of that being said, you might not experience any of those things. Just like each of us have different past life experiences, we also have different between life experiences.

Between life regression can help mitigate our fear of death and even reincarnation by showing us what home is like. When we experience home, we return to the love of the Universe and All That Is. We find comfort in knowing that after this life is over, we enter a period of rest in the most unconditional love and joy.

Time and Cost of Life Between Lives Regression Sessions

Before we conduct a between life regression, I require you to experience a past life regression. The reason being is that in a between life regression, you’re guided back to the end of a past life where you’ll experience your death scene. For some, the death scene can be emotional. If you haven’t experienced this before, the shock might keep you from reaching the between life state. In a past life regression, you’ll experience a death scene as well which helps prepare you for the between lives session.

Intake Session – 60 minutes – $75.00

Before scheduling the hypnotherapy session, we require an intake session that allows us to get to know each other, provides an opportunity for us to explain the hypnotherapy process and answer questions, and hone in on what your goals are for our subsequent sessions.

Life Between Lives Regression Session – Between 1-3 hours long – $225.00.

When we reconvene for your between life regression session, we’ll review your past life regression and then set an intention to bring the most beneficial between life into this experience.

From there, you’ll be gently guided into a hypnotic state. Once in the hypnotic state, the journey begins.

After the regression is over, you and I will discuss your experience and next steps.

If you wish to have your past life regression recorded, I am happy to do so. Also, past life regressions are done virtually until COVID is resolved.


Adam Dince is a certified hypnotist in good-standing through iNLP and the International Federation of Hypnotists.

Hypnotherapy FAQs


Is hypnosis mind control?

Not at all. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. All suggestions made to you during the session are within your control to accept. It’s completely up to you as to which suggestions you accept and which you let go.

Will I be asleep during hypnosis?

You sure aren’t. If you’ve ever watched someone get hypnotized, you might believe they are asleep, because the subject is so relaxed that they exhibit many of the physical signs of sleep. However, during hypnosis, if anything, you’re completely aware of what’s going on in the hypnotic state and can open your eyes at any time.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

It’s impossible. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, there is no getting stuck. It’s essentially like being in a daydream. At any time, you can end the daydream by opening your eyes. Either way, you’re completely lucid the entire time.

Will I expose my inner-most secrets?

Again, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You will not tell me anything you do not wish to share. You are in complete control of what happens during hypnosis.

Will I remember the session?

You will absolutely remember the session. You are not asleep and in fact, you’ll be in a heightened state of awareness. Two safeguards I employ are to
suggest at the end of the session that you remember everything and I also record the session so that you may listen to it again later just in case.

Will I be made to do something I’m uncomfortable with?

There’s no way. Just a reminder that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are in 100% control throughout the entire session. You cannot go against your morality or ethics during a hypnosis session. If you try, the noise of the inner-conflict will pull you out of the hypnotic experience. Keep in mind that you do not disassociate from your ego while under hypnosis. It listens in the background the entire time. It’s the ego’s job to protect you.