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After years of soul searching and self-discovery, I found myself researching past life regression. If you’re looking for somebody who does this work from the heart, look no further than Adam. Not only was he gentle but extremely professional. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. He created a sacred space to heal and observe from my past life experiences. I honestly feel that in one session I have healed more than in a dozen therapy sessions. I now have a better understanding of myself and the world that surrounds me. Do yourself a great service and book a session with Adam, it’s incredibly life-changing, memorable, and an eye-opening experience. Many blessings.

Amy H.

I experienced a Past Life Regression Session last night with Adam. I went in with no expectations and ended up having one of the most profound sessions of my life. Adam led me into a space that I could only refer to as Divine. The session took some unexpected twists and turns and Adam intuitively led me lovingly and patiently to the precise space that I needed for deep healing and release. I can’t recommend Adam enough. My session with him was life-changing.

Ann J.

Past Life

Past life regression is a life-changing experience.

* Note: All regressions are done virtually. However, the experiences are just as powerful as in-person.

Knowing, not just believing, that you're an eternal soul who has lived many lives can be extremely comforting, can help quell fear of death and so much more.

Past life regression can help identify karmic issues that you've carried from life to life that need to be healed. It can also help you better understand the life you're living in this incarnation. Learn more!

Life Between Lives Regression

Have you ever wondered what happens after your physical body dies and your soul crosses over?

* Note: All regressions are done virtually. However, the experiences are just as powerful as in-person.

Your soul, which lives within your human form remembers every life you've ever lived and what you've experienced in-between lives.

Through hypnotherapy, we will regress you back to an in-between life state where you can learn many things including: your life's purpose, who your soul family is, and much more. Between life regression is a life changing experience.