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The name Sacred Stairways represents the spiritual nature of our beings. Each of us has metaphorical stairways that we can access through meditation, healing, and hypnotic practices. These sacred stairways allow us to journey to the deepest parts of our souls and to other worlds. By accessing these spiritual places, we are able to heal and reconnect with our own sacred essence.

My approach to healing is centered around spirituality. When I say spirituality, I mean centered around your spirituality. We are all energetic beings. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. In fact, when you come in for a healing session, you’ll be the one healing yourself.

Whether you’re healing comes from Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Rose Healing, or other healing modality, you’ll be guided into a very relaxed state. You’ll then take the trip down your own sacred stairway to a special place where you’ll connect with your soul and find the healing that serves your greatest and highest good.


Owner & Healer, Sacred Stairways Healing