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Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Services Near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota

Sound Vibrational Reiki sessions range between 75 to 120 minutes.

Each of our chakras (energy centers) vibrate at a different frequency (Hz) and musical note. Emotional and physical unbalances and disruptions by stimuli like the frequencies emitted by our electronic devices can throw one or more of our chakra frequencies off balance.


Sound Vibrational Reiki healing is a fantastic option that helps balance your physical and energy bodies. Incorporating tuning forks and other sound tools with Reiki will allow optimized energy flow and the maximum effect from our Reiki healing session.

The section below will walk you through what to expect in our Sound Vibrational Reiki session.

* Note: Reiki Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical care.

What to expect in our Sound Vibrational Reiki session.

  • New Client Orientation (15-20 minutes) * New Clients Only
    • Explanation of Reiki
    • How Reiki energy works with your body
    • Chakras and Reiki
    • Q&A
  • Client Intake
    • Brief medical history/update since the last session
    • Set intentions/goals of the Reiki Session
  • Healing Session
    • Scan of your body for energy anomalies
    • Opening/Balancing of Chakras utilizing sound instruments
    • Healing stone placements (optional)
    • Hands-on/off Reiki session including sound instruments
    • Removal of stones (optional)
  • Healing Session Round-Up
    • After your Reiki session, we’ll review your experiences and mine and set expectations for what to expect over the next few days as the energy continues to work within your system.

How Much Will Your Sound Vibrational Reiki Session Cost?

  • $85.00 | 75-120 minute session

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is healing energy that originates from God, the Universe, Spirit, Source and is channeled through a practitioner who has been attuned to receive Reiki energy.

Once attuned, Reiki energy flows into a practitioner through the Crown Charka, through the body and out of the hand chakras to the person being healed.

You Might Need Reiki If:

  • Work and/or life has you under undue stress
  • You feel spiritually out of alignment
  • You’re suffering from any kind of loss
  • You’re experiencing physical pain
  • Various illnesses/diseases
  • You’re feeling the need to pamper yourself