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Hypnosis can aid with deep-seated limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Through hypnosis, we can tap into your subconscious mind and through hypnotic suggestion, begin to heal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are adversely impacting your life.

Hypnosis is available virtually and in-person at our healing studio in Stillwater.

However, until we are safe to re-open our doors, all hypnosis sessions will be conducted online

Past Life Regression

Past life regression can be a life-changing experience.

Knowing, not just believing, that you’re an eternal soul who has lived many lives can be extremely comforting, can help quell fear of death and so much more.

Past life regression can help identify karmic issues that you’ve carried from life to life that need to be healed. It can also help you better understand the life you’re living in this incarnation. Learn more!